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Breaking news from Inside Crime! 


Inside Crime friends, it’s finally happened! After 26 long YEARS, Atlanta Police have identified a suspect in the rape and murder of 14-yr-old Nacole Smith. 

Thanks to investigative efforts and ancestral DNA tools, police have tracked down an Atlanta man and plan to release more information in a press conference soon. I am pinching myself! Almost 27 years have gone by and we finally have answers!


You may remember that Nacole’s case was Episode 33 of our Inside Crime podcast, we interviewed her mom and the original investigators. Nacole’s case was that “one case” for them, that memorable, unsolved case that lingered, the one case they wanted to see solved. Her case is very personal to me too. I’ve been working closely with Nacole’s mom and cops since the beginning when I was a reporter in Atlanta. We did this story so many times in different ways, trying to generate information. Then, when I moved to America’s Most Wanted, I brought the case to John Walsh and we highlighted it in 2006. DNA has revealed that Nacole’s killer later raped another girl and we shared the story about both cases nationally, trying to track him down. After all these years, it appears he was in Atlanta this whole time! 


Nacole’s mom asked me to thank all of you for your support. She is so grateful! We’ve had so much wonderful feedback from our episode and now, from those who have heard the news. Congratulations to Georgia investigators for their amazing work! Stay tuned for our follow up episode about Nacole Smith and what happens next. What a great way to end 2021! 


Warm wishes and Happy New Year!



You can watch my 2005 story from America’s Most Wanted and see Detective Vince Velazquez talk about the case below.


You can hear the “Inside Crime” podcast episode about Nacole’s case: 

Nacole Smith was murdered

on June 7th, 1995

#33 - n. smith.jpg

The Suspect:

#33 - original suspect sketch.jpg

original sketch 

#33 - 2019 sketch.jpg

age progression sketch

26 years ago Nacole Smith was murdered in Atlanta, Georgia. The Host of Inside Crime has covered the case as a local TV reporter and as a Correspondent on America's Most Wanted.  

Nacole Smith case feature on America's Most Wanted

Nacole Smith case feature on America's Most Wanted

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Retired Homicide Detective Vince Velazquez talks about the Nacole Smith case.

A 14-Year-Old Girl Raped and Shot The Cold Case That Haunts Vince Velazquez  ATL Homicide

A 14-Year-Old Girl Raped and Shot The Cold Case That Haunts Vince Velazquez ATL Homicide

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Anyone with information on the case can submit it anonymously to the Crime Stoppers Atlanta tip line at 404-577-TIPS (8477).

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