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Timmothy Pitzen

1171960 - Timmothy Pitzen - 2021 - age 1

Timmothy went missing on May 11, 2011, at six-years-old, here is what he may look like today.

Episode #38:

According to Aurora Police, a private forensics lab in Elgin, Illinois processed evidence found on Amy Fry-Pitzen’s SUV. The results show:


-Based on sediments and plant material, the vehicle was stopped for an unknown period of time on a wide gravel shoulder, gravel road, or short gravel turnout either adjacent to, or just off of, an asphalt secondary road that had at one time, been treated with glass road-marking beads. 


-In close proximity to the gravel shoulder or road where the vehicle stopped, it backed into a grassy meadow or field to a spot that is nearly treeless. 


-There are birch and oak trees in the general area but not directly over or at the spot where the SUV stopped.  Both Queen Anne’s Lace and black mustard plants grow in a row along the border of the field or the shoulder of the road.


-In addition, there is no corn growing in or adjacent to the spot where the SUV stopped, nor is there any indication that the area had been used for agriculture in the recent past.  Instead, the evidence strongly suggests that grasses have been the only major plants growing in the immediate area which leads scientists to believe that it is a meadow and not, for example, a field that had once been farmland and not recently sown. 


-Forensic results indicate that the grass was not cut which helps rule out a rural residential lawn or a park.  There is also a strong likelihood that there is a pond, small stream, or creek in the area.


-Scientists further believe that the meadow is most likely in Northwestern Illinois with Lee and Whiteside Counties as the most likely locations.  However, areas in Carroll, Ogle, Stephenson, and Winnebago Counties cannot be ruled out.


-Microtrace has since performed other tests but has not been able to further narrow down the 6 county area, an area much too large for police ground searches.


As mentioned in Episode 38, these are the missing items that may yield clues and those of which people should be looking for:

-Timmothy’s Spider Man backpack

-several toys

-tube of toothpaste and toothbrush


There are several state parks and other popular areas for outdoor enthusiasts in that part of Illinois and police are asking that hikers, bikers, boaters, and other visitors to be on the lookout for the items.

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